Netropy Virtual Edition

Powerful, Flexible Network Emulation Software


The NetropyVE network emulation software works on leading hypervisors VMware vSphere and KVM.


Assign a unique WAN access profile to every instance and mimic expected bandwidth limits, latency, loss, and other network conditions to see how well applications perform.

Optimize Application Performance Before You Launch


The NetropyVE virtual network emulator lets you install WAN emulation between virtual resources to recreate realistic network conditions in virtualized environments.


Deliver a better user experience by benchmarking, troubleshooting, and optimizing the performance of your critical applications before you deploy.

Top Network Emulator for Virtual Environments


NetropyVE makes it possible to install WAN emulation between virtual resources. The easy to use GUI provides the responsiveness of an application with the convenience of a standard web browser. 


Automate testing with CLI or configure via browser.

NetropyVE Datasheet
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